Koltech group

Koltech Infra Ltd with the premises in Katowice was established in March 2010 on the basis of polish shareholding capital.

The main scope of activities are supervision services. Our technical staff, mainly Supervision Inspectors possess building certificates in many specialties and are members of Regional Chambers of Building Engineers

Koltech Infra Ltd took part in the following contracts:

  • Supervision services over the Project No POiIŚ 7.3-7, Integrated System of Collective Transport in Cracow Aglomeration,
  • Supervision services over construction works within the Project: “Fast Regional Railway Tychy – Dąbrowa Górnicza. Phase I: Tychy City – Katowice”,
  • Supervision services over tender procedure and construction works – “Reconstruction of railroad side street and internal access roads in Power station Rybnik S.A. including connected infrastructure.”

Currently, our supervision services concern to:

  • „Works on railway line No 99 on Chabówka – Zakopane section” and „Construction of switchboard in Chabówce within the railway line No 98 on Sucha Beskidzka – Chabówka Section and No 99 Chabówka – Zakopane Section”
  • “Improving of technical status of railway lines number 61 and 700 on the section Częstochowa – Fosowskie” (POiIŚ 7.1-67),
  • “Improving of technical status of railway lines number: 1, 133, 160, 186, on the section: Zawiercie – Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice – Jaworzno Szczakowa” (POiIŚ 7.1-69).

Starting from August 2013, Koltech Infra Ltd has expended its scope of activities, including elaboration of railway design documentation. Professional technical staff possesses building certificates issued on the basis of Building Law. Our offer includes also wide services in the scope of preparation of investments in line with formal and legal aspects. Our office is furnished with actual software, modern equipment and printing backup facilities enabling professional approach to designing services.

Currently, our designing services concern to:

  • Modernisation of E30 railway line, Phase II, Zabrze – Katowice – Kraków Section, Tender no 1 – Modernisation of the following sections: Jaworzno Szczakowa – Trzebinia (km 15,810 – 29,110 linii nr 133); Jaworzno Szczakowa – Sosnowiec Jęzor (km 0,000-6,847 linii nr 134),
  • Improving of safety standards on Zgierz – Łódź Kaliska Section, railway line no 15 on Bednary – Łódź Kaliska Section,
  • Revitalization of track no 2 – railway line no 61, Kielce – Fosowskie section, Koniecpol – Częstochowa Stradom section within the Project: Revitalisation of railway lines no 61 and 572 on Włoszczowa Północ – Częstochowa Stradom section,
  • Modernisation of railway line no 91 on Kraków Główny Osobowy – Medyka section and railway line no 92 on Przemyśl – Medyka section, Rzeszów – state border section,
  • Removal of mining defect effects including repairs of tracks and elements of railway infrastructure – railway line no 141 on Katowice Ligota – Gliwice section with Ruda Kochłowice railway station.