About us

Our company performs significant and multiple contracts, realizing projects in accordance with Polish Building Law, FIDIC Conditions of Contracts procedures as well as with commonly prevailing instructions and procedures. Acting as a, so called, „Substituting Investor” and providing technical assistance – these are two main services from the scope of our activities The mentioned services are performed on the highest international level. Up till now our company was involved as a Consultant during realization of projects being co-financed by ISPA, Cohesion Fund, European Fund of Regional Development. Procedures and standards implemented in our company guarantee punctuality and highest level of our services.

Main scope of activities:

  • preparation, coordination and supervision over investments,
  • rail transport,
  • construction of railway lines, buildings and engineering objects.

Our company provides wide range of specjlalists with the following building certificates:

  • rails,
  • constructions,
  • bridges,
  • roads,
  • telecommunication,
  • installation in the scope of nets: gas, pipelines and canalization,
  • installation devices: heating and ventilation,
  • installation in the scope of nets: electric and electro-energetic.

Projects in progressProject in progress

Projects executedProjects executed