In progress

Supervised projects Period
Agreement No. M-01-MDR-26/24
Multi-discipline investor supervision service of the design and construction works of maintenance and repair base for railway vehicles in Radom.
from 01.2024
Agreement No. 90/101/0043/23/Z/I
For investor supervision of construction works related to the reconstruction of the sanitary sewage system along the railway line No. 7 on the section from km 13,995 to km 14,902 as part of the project entitled “Works on the railway line No. 7 East Warsaw – Dorohusk on the section Warsaw – Otwock – Dęblin – Lublin, Stage IIa”
from 12.2023
Contract No. 90/105/0012/23/Z/I
Management and supervision services for Project “Improvement of safety at intersections of railroads with roads – stage I – crossing part” POIiŚ5.2-9. in the scope of task no. 2 (LOT A, LOT B) and in the scope of deliveries of fiber optic extension for the MB railway telephone intended for APP NEXUS communication”
from 08.2023
Contract No. 90/105/0051/21/Z/I
Management and supervision services of the implementation of the task under stage I of the project “Works on the railway line No. 38 on the Ełk – Korsze section, including electrification”
from 12.2021
Contract No. 90/101/0065/21/Z/M
Continuation of the investor’s supervision under the project entitled: “Works on railway lines No. 14, 811 on the section Łódź Kaliska – Zduńska Wola – Ostrów Wlkp., Stage I: Łódź Kaliska – Zduńska Wola”
from 11.2021
Contract No. 90/105/0004/21/Z/I
Management and supervision of the implementation of the task “Preparation of railway lines No. 234 on the section Kokoszki – Stara Piła and No. 229 on the section Stara Piła – Glincz as a detour for the duration of the project “Work on an alternative transport route Bydgoszcz – Tricity”
from 02.2021
Contract No. 90/103/0017/22/Z/I
Management and supervision services over the development of project documentation and construction works for the construction of new traction substations PT Przymłynie, PT Limanowa, PT Pisarzowa, PT Mszana implemented under the project entitled: “Construction of a new railway line Podłęże – Szczyrzyc – Tymbark / Mszana Dolna and modernization of the existing railway line No. 104 Chabówka – Nowy Sącz”
Contract No. 90/101/0070/20/Z/I
Management and supervision services for investment task on Warszawa Wschodnia Osobowa – Warszawa Wawer section within the Project No POIiŚ 5.1-11.2 under name: „Works on railway line no 7 between Warszawa Wschodnia Osobowa and Dorohusk, on Warszawa Otwock – Dęblin – Lublin section, Phase II”
from 11.2020
Contract No. 90/107/0040/19/Z/M
„Supervision services for design documentation and construction works to be executed within: „Designing and construction works on Łódź Kaliska railway station” – reconstruction of Łódź Kaliska railway station within the project under name „Increasing of availability for arterial lines no E20 and C-E20 throughout increasing of technical status of adjoining railway lines.
from 08.2019
Contract No. 90/105/0060/18/Z/I
„Supervision services for the basic contract and works necessary for full functionality of ETCS system, level 2 within the Project POIiŚ 5.1-1 „Modernization of E 65/C-E 65 railway line on Warszawa – Gdynia section in the scope of parent layer LCS, ERTMS/ETCS/GSM-R, DSAT as well as power supply of catenary system” – Phase II
from 04.2018
Contract No. 90/103/0051/17/I/I
„Supervision services for investment task within the Project: „Works on railway line no 25 on Skarżysko Kamienna – Sandomierz section”
from 01.2018
Contract No. 90/106/0082/17/Z/I
„Supervision services for design documentation and works on railway line no 146 on Wyczerpy – Chorzew Siemkowice section (from km 0,000 to km 47,626) within the Project POIiŚ 5.2-4 „Works on railway line no 146 on Wyczerpy – Chorzew Siemkowice section”
from 08.2017